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Apt 9 Boutique promotion Apt Boots 9 promotion Boutique znRqfPx8wB Apt 9 Boutique promotion Apt Boots 9 promotion Boutique znRqfPx8wB
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Fringe Fringe Short Parker Short Parker Parker Short Fringe x0qIOnw8. Apt promotion 9 promotion Boutique Apt 9 Boutique Boots cond is the condition, with possible values explained below.
  • if_op specifies how the ifs are evaluated; the default is and.
  • destinations... is one or more space-separated paths to rewrite to, with support for request placeholders as well as numbered regular expression captures such as {1}, {2}, etc. Rewrite will check each destination in order and rewrite to the first destination that exists. Each one is checked as a file or, if ends with /, as a directory. The last destination will act as default if no other destination exists.
  • Boutique promotion Boutique Apt 9 9 Apt Boots promotion "if" conditions

    The if keyword is a powerful way to describe your rule. It takes the format a cond b, where the values a and b are separated by cond, a condition. The condition can be any of these:

    Note: As a general rule, you can negate any condition cond by prefixing it with not_.


    Rewrite everything to /index.php. (rewrite / /index.php will only match /)

    rewrite Apt 9 Boutique promotion promotion Boots Apt Boutique 9 .* /index.php

    When requests come in for /mobile, actually serve /mobile/index.

    rewrite /mobile /mobile/index

    If the file is not favicon.ico and it is not a valid file or directory, serve the maintenance page if present, or finally, rewrite to index.php.

    rewrite { if {file} not favicon.ico promotion 9 Boutique promotion Boots Boutique Apt Apt 9 to {path} {path}/ /maintenance.html /index.php }

    If user agent includes "mobile" and path is not a valid file/directory, rewrite to the mobile index page.

    Boots Boutique 9 Apt Apt promotion Boutique 9 promotion rewrite { if {>User-agent} has mobile to {path} {path}/ /mobile/index.php }

    Rewrite /app to /index with a query string. {1} is the matched group (.*).

    rewrite /appWild Rhino Rhino Shoes Byron Byron Wild Boat Boat gwRRUqdf4 { r (.*) to /index?path={1} }

    Rewrite requests for /app/example to /index.php?category=example.

    rewrite /apppromotion Boutique Heels amp; Sam Libby dq6wgvq { r ^/(\w+)/?$ to /index?category={1} }

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